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Best Hot New Hatches

Hatchbacks are definitely becoming the next big thing in vehicles of any type because they combine the space that you really want for cargo with the space you need for your family. It’s a great blending of different aspects and they all tend to look pretty cool too. Not to mention you get better gas mileage than you would with a larger SUV, such as a full-size. You want to make sure that you’re getting something your family is going to enjoy though, and that’s why these are our favorites.

Ford Focus RSThe first of our awesome hatchbacks is the Ford Focus RS. This vehicle looks sharp and sleek and it has some great performance abilities too. You get a five door body with four-wheel drive and an EcoBoost engine that’s used in some of Ford’s hottest cars. Not only that but you’re going to save a whole lot of money and still get the gas mileage that you really need if you’re going to be taking your entire family around with you.


Honda Civic Type RAnother popular hatchback is the Honda Civic Type R, which gives you a turbocharged engine for a lot of power but still gets good gas mileage. What’s even better is you’re going to have absolutely no problem getting everyone in this vehicle and wherever you want to go. That’s because this vehicle is definitely made for some speed and some power. You’re going to absolutely love driving it and you probably won’t just want to spend that driving time on the streets.


Ford Fiesta STYet another vehicle from Ford, the Ford Fiesta ST is another great hatchback that lets you fit people and stuff with ease. Not to mention you’re going to absolutely love the look and style of this vehicle while you’re driving it and while you’re not. All you need to do is make sure that you’re packing everyone up quickly because with this vehicle you’re going to want to get on the road. To get your own you’ll just need a preapproved auto loan and you can get one right here.



Suzuki Swift SportThe Suzuki Swift Sport is one that’s going to give you an even better price and it’s going to be a little larger for the entire family to fit into easy enough. No one will have a problem with this great ride and you’re going to have no problem driving it around either because it’s going to be a lot of fun. Not to mention you still get all the benefits of great gas mileage, a high power engine and some great tech features inside as well.


You’re going to love driving any of these vehicles and there’s probably plenty more that we haven’t even touched on that you’re going to love as well, so make sure you check them out. Hatchbacks are definitely getting to be more popular for a reason. They’re all about taking the family for a ride, but not missing out on some of the other fun while you’re at it. Why should you after all?